chip seal paving

Chip Sealing Services

To begin the chip sealing process, the surface must be properly prepared and protected from traffic and potential damage. A skilled professional should remove any loose gravel before initiating the sealing process to prevent damage to the new surface. Hiring an experienced company to perform the chip sealing service will yield long-lasting results, ensuring your pavement looks great for years to come.

Chip Seal

A chip sealing service revitalizes your pavement, giving it a fresh appearance. Chip seals consist of a combination of small stones and a specialized emulsion. The application must occur before the binder sets, as brooming too early can damage the new surface. The experts at our company understand the best practices for applying chip seals and can help you select the right emulsion for your needs.

Slurry Seal

Slurry seal is a type of pavement treatment applied to roads, often after a chip seal installation. A distributor truck spreads a mixture of asphalt, aggregate, and filler on the road surface, followed by a roller embedding the chips into the pavement. After five days, the street is swept to remove loose chips, and five days later, the slurry seal application is completed. The mixture is hand-squeegeed for uniformity. Slurry seal treatments have a lifespan of four to six years.

Fog Seal

Fog sealing involves applying emulsified asphalt to extend the life of the pavement. Emulsifiers keep the asphalt liquid and eliminate excessive heating. This method is particularly effective for large roadway projects but requires heavy equipment. Fog sealing works well in conjunction with chip sealing.

Slurry Seal vs. Chip Seal

Slurry seals offer an economical alternative to chip-sealed roads, providing a longer lifespan and no loose aggregate. They can withstand turning and straight-line traffic, but the difference lies in their application. Chip-sealed roads boast a more uniform, smooth surface compared to slurry-sealed roads. Type I slurry contains about an eighth of an inch of aggregate and is typically used in low-wear areas where maximum crack penetration is necessary.

Chip Seal Costs

Although asphalt repaving is a popular driveway option, chip seal offers a more cost-effective solution, as it requires less material and has a lower cost per square yard. However, the price can vary significantly depending on the specific driveway. Chip seal setup costs are proportionate to the job size, but the overall costs are lower for long, straight sections that require less manual labor.

Chip Seal Maintenance

As a protective wearing surface, chip seal can be applied to new pavements or aging pavements with surface distress. The process slows the aging of paved roads and reduces the frequency of resurfacing. Despite its relatively low cost, chip sealing may cause minor inconveniences for motorists, such as dust, loose gravel, and one-way traffic. Drivers should reduce their speed until the loose gravel is completely removed.

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